Main stage      
Saturday Timing Act  
1100 - 1120 20mins Parade Arrives Welcome's
1130 - 1200 20mins Song for Respect Kauldron Plym Music Zone
1230 - 1300 30mins Crooked Tempo Samba
1330 - 1400 30mins Street factory TBC Hip hop / dance
1430 - 1515 45mins Fanfara Eastern European Brass
1545 - 1630 45mins Reggaskas Ska- Reggae
1700 - 1745 45mins Haunt the woods Cornish Folk
1800 - 1830 30mins Kouatchou African folk
1900 - 2000 1hr Yaaba Funk African highlife/ Funk

                                                  Yaaba Funk  on stage @ 7pm

       Yaaba Funk! 21st century Hi-Life!

Imagine Fela Kuti's legendary Shrine club relocated to South London.

Yaaba Funk! Vivid touches of contemporary London added to the 70s heyday of  Ghanaian Hi-Life. P-Funk style synth bass, psychedelic desert blues and deep percussion. Family Stone inflected horns and up front the vibrant high energy duo of Chief Commander Richmond Kessie and Helen 'Lady Yaaba' McDonald. 

Yaaba Funk! Technicolour blasts of sound and vision. A sixteen legged groove machine that leaves not a stationary soul in sight.

2014 saw Yaaba Funk's second album, My Vote Dey Count released by the excellent Sterns label, a Yaaba Funk remix competition run by French DJ  magazine Starwax and Yaaba Funk at WOMAD Charlton Park for the first time where, on the hottest day of the year they drew a packed crowd to the Radio 3/Charlie Gillett stage.
2014 ended with a collaborative show entitled Hi-Life with acclaimed Brixton-based painter Abe Odedina, one of whose works adorns the cover of Yaaba Funk's My Vote Dey Count LP.
2015 sees plans for another collaborative show, this time with contemporary dance company Union Dance and a timely election year 'My Vote Dey Count' UK tour.
Vote with your hearts, your minds and your dancing feet! Vote Yaaba Funk!


Are leading the parade, meet at the guildhall 10.30am not to be missed also on stage @ 2.30pm
Fanfara plays music in the style of Eastern European brass bands - the best know being the Roma groups Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania), Boban Markovic (Serbia) and Original Kocani Orkestar (Macedonia). Fanfara were originally inspired by Fanfare Ciocarlia, and gained expert tuition whilst staying with members of the band in their home village of Zece Prăjini. Since then, members of Fanfara continue to visit and study with musicians from Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.

The Reggaskas
A Eight Piece Band Playing Original Alternative Music With An Unique But Cheeky Ska/Reggae Vibe.
 The Reggaskas, teamed up with cancer freedom fighters ‘Balls to Cancer’ to release “Who’s the Daddy” just in time for Father’s Day. The Reggaskas are causing waves on the South Devon coast and are one of the brightest new bands in UK.

Haunt the Woods 

Haunt the Woods are an alternative folk rock band hailing from the shires of Cornwall. With a new and unique sound that combines their love of tradional and modern folk music along with gorgeous harmonies and spellbinding guitar, their live show really captures the energy and essence of the bands love and passion for music. (don't miss these guys are going places)

Crooked Tempo
Crooked Tempo are a funky community samba band based In Devon.
Est 2001
    They have have supported us many times with their great  Brazilian carnival percussion.


The Turbans on stage @4pm 

The Turbans is an international musical collective bringing together exciting traditional near-eastern and eastern-European styles and original compositions, to create a modern and energetic performance with reverence for its ancient roots.

Growing from the intertwining paths of many talented musicians travelling the world, this extraordinary project has grown in a few years from very humble beginnings, into a progressive name on the London music scene. It's members have gathered from countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Italy, Greece and England to perform in concerts and festivals around the UK, Turkey, India and Europe.
Main stage    
Sunday Timing Act 
1100 - 1130 30mins Beat Breakers Street Dance
1145 - 1215 30mins Co Op Big Band 19 Piece
1230 - 1315 45mins Flying Orchestra Thumping Rhythms
1330 - 1415 45mins RSVP Bhangra
1445 - 1530 45mins Blue Spots Roots, Rocksteady, Ska & Reggae
1600 - 1700 45mins The Turbans Not to be missed

RSVP Bhangra

RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra in the UK and introducing Bhangra to mainstream audiences for the first time. Veterans at Glastonbury (5 years in a row) and festival favourites at Larmer Tree, Bath International, Port Eliot and many other festivals across the country they're always guaranteed to get even the most reluctant on their feet and dancing fit to drop.  

With musicians drawn from one family, wholly rooted in an authentic living tradition, yet unafraid to innovate, this is the ultimate celebratory Indian music. Every show comes with an introduction to Bhangra dance - everyone's included with RSVP's emphasis on partying Punjabi style. RSVP will be bringing their Big Bhangra Beats and engaging, interactive vibe to Plymouth Respect Festival on Sunday 21st June  Get out your dancing shoes and get ready to party big time. 

For more information on the group visit

The BlueSpots
Roots, Rocksteady, Ska and Reggae. 

Andy Quicks Flying Orchestra 
The  Flying Orchestra  monster live act with  truly inspired tunes, a thumping rhythm section and beautiful female energy.

Coop Big Band 
This dynamic and exciting ensemble welcomes suitable players from all Plymouth schools.
This fantastic band play regularly around the city , not to be missed there great


Saturday                                                             Sunday                          
12-1230       Lewis Hayward
1300-1330   Matthew price
1400-1430   Jamie Yost
1515-1545   Elise Yuill
1630-1700   Tom Baker
1745-1800   Poet's Backbone
1830-1900   Lizzie and Jake.

1130-1200   Tariq Bhatty
1230-1300   Charlie Harris
1345-1415   Tim Leay
1445-1515   Ashleigh Sladen
1545-1615   Charlotte and Josiah.